A registered dietitian nutritionist, recovered chronic dieter, and your new                .

I love helping women, like you, break up with dieting, lose weight, fall in love with their bodies, and feel amazing every day. The losing weight part is pretty awesome but you know what's even more awesome? Feeling confident in your skin and present in your life every single day instead of constantly obsessing about food and dieting. Now that's my kind of party!

It's your life and you            to really live it.

You deserve to use that big, beautiful brain to instead focus on happy hour with the girls, weekend getaways, marrying the love of your life, raising kids (the fur and human kind), building your empire- whatever you want! 


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Pour yourself some coffee, pull up a chair, and click your way through my story, friend.

When I was 14 years old, I was asked by a doctor if I was eating all of my sisters food or if I could possibly be pregnant because I had gained so much weight. 

Insert the start of a decades worth of hating my body, feeling lost in my own skin, and a very tumultuous relationship with food.

Decided to study nutrition in college (because I wanted to know the ins and outs of how to have a "perfect" body tbh)

Sophomore year of college, I developed an eating disorder. Food and exercise controlled my life. I was obsessive and starving myself. I lost a lot of weight (in a very harmful way) and was still completely unhappy in my own skin.

Eventually, I started binging (obviously because I had been starving myself) and gained the weight back.

I battled with my body for YEARS. Continuously losing and gaining weight, trying diet after diet, restricting and binging. Still hating myself, my body, and food.

The year after I graduated from college, I gained 30 lbs. I went to try on a pair of shorts that had fit the summer before and couldn't get them past my thighs. I broke down in my room.

This is when I said enough is enough. That the bullsh*t I had been putting myself though for years obviously wasn't working and it had taken a toll on me, my body, and my mental health. 

I decided to experiment with myself and try what I've never tried before. 

I started showing my body love and kindness, nourishing it with what it needed, doing what felt good for ME and MY individual body, mending my relationship with my body and food. And as a side effect, the weight came off. 

I felt things I've never felt before-- confidence in my skin, in love with who I am, freedom in my food choices. Freedom from food and dieting.

I had the freedom to use my life to focus on what I actually wanted to focus on instead of food and my weight- my career, drinking wine with my friends, going out to eat with my boyfriend, spending time with my family, celebrating friends weddings, raising my (fur) child. 

As I became a dietitian, I thought that THIS is what I NEED to teach women. THIS is what women NEED to be doing to lose weight for good and change their lives forever.

I started seeing clients one-on-one and helping them achieve their weight loss goals in a way they never tried before. And in a way that set them up so they would never have to try again.

I continue to feel amazing every day while helping other women do the same. And I want to help you too! I want you to be able to eat the foods you love, lose weight, fall in love with what you see and how confident you feel, and be present in all of life's precious moments.

let's work together!

Based in Maryland,
instilling confidence nationwide.